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Welcome to Koryo Martial Arts and Muay Lao Academy

Where you can achieve amazing things, in a friendly, safe and welcoming environment.


Master Ben is not only the owner of Koryo Martial Arts and Muay Lao Academy AND your head instructor....

He is a dad to 2 young daughters who train with him every week.  So he understands the importance of martial arts for children starting at the youngest age possible.  With classes starting from the moment your child can walk, Master Ben provides many different martial arts training that suit the different needs of every child.

Regardless of which martial art you choose, it's important to find a reputable instructor who has experience working with kids. Look for a school with a focus on safety, respect, and patience for your child's unique needs.  The most important thing about any school is that it provides a supportive and encouraging learning environment for students of all ages and skill levels.

Koryo Martial Arts and Muay Lao Academy offers a full week of Unlimited access to all our classes an no cost, so your child can try out all the different martial arts styles and chose the style they love the most.  If 1 week is not enough time to decide, we offer an additional 3 weeks on top of your first week for only $99.  

We invite you to start your childs amazing Martial Arts journey with your first week Unlimited Free Trial here...



Is your child shy ?

Does your child avoid confrontations ?

Does your child need non aggressive self defence ?

Hapkido is a Korean martial art that is the best option for self-defense using joint locks, throws, and pressure points.


It's the best option for kids who want to learn practical self-defense skills, as well as improve their balance, coordination, and overall fitness.

One of the biggest things about hapkido is that it teaches kids how to defend themselves against attackers of all sizes and strength levels. Using joint locks and throws, hapkido kids learn how to take down even the strongest opponent, without relying solely on physical strength.

Another benefit of hapkido is that it emphasizes respect, discipline, and self-control. Students are taught to use their skills only in self-defense situations, and to always avoid fighting whenever possible.

This can help kids develop a strong sense of empathy and compassion, while also building their confidence and self-esteem.


Is your child athletic ?

Does your child love competing and competitions?

Do you love seeing your child win medals?

Taekwondo is another Korean martial art that focuses on kicks, punches, blocks, combination attacks and speed. It's a great option for kids who want to improve their flexibility, balance, and speed, as well as learn Olympic Sparring.

One of the biggest benefits of taekwondo is that it emphasizes fitness and stamina. Students learn how to use combination attacks using kicks, punches, blocks and strikes.  With the main focus on kicking, and developing combination kicks and jumping kicks, children get fit really fast and develop the ability to keep up stamina for longer periods of time.  Taekwondo develops the highest levels of fitness, especially for leg work.

Another benefit of taekwondo is that it teaches kids how to defend themselves against multiple attackers. Through a combination of kicks, punches, and blocks, taekwondo practitioners learn how to keep attackers at bay, and to take them down quickly and efficiently.

Taekwondo is an Olympic sport, which means the focus is more on fitness and the ability to spar with exceptional martial arts techniques under high pressure situations.


Kick boxing

Does your child have alot of energy to burn ?

Do you want to train a little fighter ?

Are you more interested in technique than belts ?

Kickboxing is a martial art that combines elements of boxing and martial arts. It focuses on punches, kicks, and knee strikes, and is a great option for kids who want to improve their cardio fitness and overall strength.

The best thing about kickboxing is that it's a high-intensity workout that can help kids burn calories, improve their cardiovascular health, and build muscle.


This can be especially beneficial for kids who struggle with weight issues or who are looking for a fun and challenging way to get in shape.

Another benefit of kickboxing is that it teaches kids how to defend themselves in close-range combat situations.


Through a combination of strikes, kicks, and knee strikes, kickboxing practitioners learn how to take down opponents quickly and effectively.

Master Ben was born in Laos, and has close ties with the Muay Lao federation in Laos.  He has a special passion for Muay Lao kick boxing and is excited to bring the martial arts to Australia and all over the world.

Quick Background of Master Ben

Master Benjamin Silaphet is a refugee from Laos and came to Australia in 1979 with his family.  He has lived in South West Sydney all his life, finishing High School at Bonnyrigg High School.

Master Ben went on to have a career in Telecommunications, and holds a Masters degree in Engineering (Telecommunications) from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Master Ben has always valued education and learning.  He now dedicates his full time work to his Martial Arts school and Martial Arts education. 

Master Ben also believes the world is an amazing place, to experience, travel and explore.  He has attained a scuba divers licence, a motorbike licence, loves snowboarding, love all things electronics, has travelled around Europe, USA and South East Asia.


  some kind words.....

about your martial arts school....

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martial arts

Koryo Martial Arts offers a wide range of Korean Martial Arts styles including Olympic and Traditional Taekwondo, Hapkido Self Defence and Kumdo sword and weapons.  Koryo Martial Arts offers Belt Ranks for all classes and programs.  Classes are available for preschoolers under 5 years of age, Junior classes for children up to 14 years of age and Teen and Adult classes for all students over the age of 14.



Muay Lao is a kick boxing style originating from Master Benjamin's country of birth, Laos.  Muay Lao is close to Master Benjamins heart, and because of his passion for the art he chose to create a completely seperate class and identidity for his Kick Boxing and Traditional Lao Weapons training.  There are no belt ranks within this program


Our School

Our Full Time Smithfield school offers a fully equiped training area with everything you need to get the most out of your training

Sydney Martial Arts
Training Equipment

Our training area hosts many punching pads, kick shields, and punching bags for your training.  

We also have an equipment shop on location so you can buy training equipment to take home with you.

We stock the Korean Mooto brand which is the global standard for quality.


Sydney Martial Arts
Training Equipment

Our Martial Arts Facilities also offer a fighting ring to add to your training experience.  We hold full contact fight nights on Fridays for a bit of fun.



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